PR software developer launches new productivity app

A new productivity app is set to shake up the PR industry when it launches later this month.

Pressvine was created by a former publisher, out of a frustration when sourcing content from company websites.

Pressvine is a PR suite that includes a content managed news hub, a news distribution function and contact database.

Initially launched in 2011 as a beta edition, the team behind the software has given the user interface a complete makeover and rebuilt the app from the ground up.
The new version has killer features that will make the communications professionals’ job a breeze.

Users can ditch their ugly newsroom and create a beautiful and future proof news hub. This can potentially transform the role of the PR professional by reducing web development cost for the business, giving autonomy to the communications team and future proofing the newsroom.

The platform enables users to perform multiple tasks. Features include the ability to upload latest news and blog posts to a custom newsroom, create a public media gallery where journalists, and bloggers can quickly source relevant photos at the image resolution they need.

Subscribers can also distribute news releases and create an element of news automation by scheduling aggregated content from their newsroom to go to their contact lists at a chosen date.

This simple but potent feature enables users to take content that would appear on their newsroom and distribute it in a really useful way.

For example, you could tell Pressvine that on the first Monday of each month you would like to distribute your last four articles to a pre set list. PR is a valuable and intangible asset to a company’s bottom line.  Pressvine helps subscribers look super efficient, reduce waste in their organisation which may protect jobs or help the business grow their marketing presence.

Jason Pitt, founder said, “Many people ask, why do I need a newsroom that distributes press releases? I already have a great newsroom built by my developer and only really distribute to a list of a few dozen once a week, surely this won’t save that much time?

“This is a typical comment by someone who has not yet used and been trained on the platform. The real question is how much is your time worth? If you are a business owner and you want to do something transformational such as give autonomy to your PR team and add transparency then its valuable. If you are a PR professional and gain an extra hour a day, which in turn could be used to create better content, then that is also valuable.”

Pressvine takes different activities and thought processes, and merges them into an intuitive platform that not only saves time but gives head space. It is the ultimate de-cluttering tool for anyone who is involved in adding content to a newsroom of their website or writes and distributes press releases.

Pressvine has also published its API online and is seeking partners to build on its innovative PR platform.

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