National Manufacturing Network Launches in Yorkshire

Manufacturing and engineering in Yorkshire has received a massive boost after the launch of peer group and trade body platform ‘Made in Yorkshire’ – a digital network for the sector supporting local collaboration, networking and championing of all things Made in Yorkshire. The group has already achieved wide success over the last six years in the Midlands under the ‘Made In’ brand, led by Directors Jason Pitt and Charles Addison with Yorkshire now adding to the Midlands and London networks.

CEO Jason Pitt explains; “We launched this six years ago to provide a platform for like-minded company MD’s and CEO’s in manufacturing and engineering to work together in absence of formal government support as we entered recession in 2009. Since then we have brought together hundreds of top manufacturing and engineering firms in the Midlands, run hundreds of manufacturing –engineering events, our members have created thousands of jobs and our network has generated more than a million pounds worth of media coverage for the group last year alone. We now represent more than three billion pounds of regional manufacturing turnover, working with top firms such as Jaguar Land Rover – right the way through the supply chain to raw material.”

The brand stands around a strong emotive concept and seeks to nurture pride in the area in which we make world leading components”, continues Chief Operating Officer, Charles Addison. “The ‘Made In’ brand recognises the engineering talent within Yorkshire and operates by identifying the regional heroes in the sector and then we tell the world about them through our advanced digital platform. Our aim is to put the sector back on top in the eyes of the public so that the next generation of engineers can be inspired to join, rather than be pushed away from, a career in the sector resulting in the government investing more in nurturing our global manufacturing offering.”

One of the manufacturing launch partners of Made In Yorkshire, Portakabin, have been highly enthusiastic with the recent activity in the region. “Portakabin Limited has been manufacturing high quality modular buildings for over 50 years; our Head office and 250,000m2 production area in York are a key part of our success. We are keen to help other manufacturers capitalise on current growth opportunities and highlight the options we can offer to achieve this. Being a launch partner for Made in Yorkshire allows us to demonstrate our solutions and reflects our commitment to supporting the regional economy.” Robert Snook, Director & General Manager at Portakabin Hire Division.

National accounting and business advisory firm Baker Tilly has come on board to support the launch of Made in Yorkshire, already a key patron of the Made in the Midlands brand since 2014. “We’re delighted that Baker Tilly is backing Made in Yorkshire’s launch and for recognising the importance of a strong manufacturing supply chain in Yorkshire.” said Jason Pitt.

Neil Sevitt, a partner at Baker Tilly in Leeds said: ‘The launch of Made in Yorkshire is a really exciting development and represents a huge opportunity for manufacturers across the region to meet with like-minded organisations to share knowledge and best practice.’

The launch event at Leeds Rhinos stadium on 12th August at 12.30 will be the first event to roll out the Made in Yorkshire network. If you would like to attend this event please visit