Made in the Midlands television platform set for launch

Made in the Midlands are thrilled to announce our future plans to create a MIM television studio within our office. The studio is being developed with the intention of creating a reputable broadcasting platform for local manufacturers.

The MIM television studio was built in co-operation with Managing Director of Caveco, Alex Cave. The initial idea for the studio was to provide our members with a platform to voice their opinion on topical debates, or to simply promote their company capabilities to a wider audience. Our First Orchard YouTube channel will be used as the trial platform for our first series.

The YouTube channel was recently utilised to record our recent Great Brexit debate. The video has already amassed over 625 views which is an extremely positive sign for uploading any future content on the platform. Any future content produced within the television studio will also be spread via alternative social-media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Alex explained: “I’m thrilled to be spearheading the Made in the Midlands video channel. I have made the MIM studio highly versatile and user-friendly. When a company comes to the studio, we can customise the appearance by displaying their logo or corporate identity on the inbuilt TV which forms an integral part of the front panel of our television presenter’s desk. We can also alter the lighting to match company branding. I’m really excited about expanding the Made in the Midlands media platform and making it more interactive than ever.”

The MIM television studio will begin with a variety of different pilot episodes, in order to judge the success with our current members. These programme ideas include: Meet Britain’s Makers, interviews with industry leaders, the Brexit result – what now?, lessons from the boardroom, Young Inventor and potential career advice for young apprentices.

The Made in the Midlands homepage will also include a new feature, entitled: ‘Watch the latest video’ which will guide visitors to see the latest video or head directly to our YouTube channel. The platform has huge potential to reach a large recurring audience within the manufacturing community.

Made in the Midlands CEO, Jason Pitt stated: “This is clearly a new platform for Made in the Midlands, but we are confident that our studio will provide our members with a successful platform for their marketing or promotional requirements. I am delighted to be working alongside Alex, who will help to bring the personalities and drive of local manufacturers to a wider audience.”

Caveco’s involvement in this new venture is the result of their ability to provide a range of creative digital media services for clients requiring a visually appealing solution to their marketing and promotional needs. The company produce high quality videos, motion graphics and stills photography for a diverse range of clients including manufacturing companies, publishers, advertising or PR agencies.