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Made in the Midlands

Made in the Midlands is a business network that represents over 300 SME’s in the manufacturing sector. The concept was originally founded in 2004 after a Midland-manufacturing firm passed on the domain to a local entrepreneur.

Made in the Midlands is widely respected and has created links with government, local industry and the media. Today the business is the first and only dedicated network for manufacturing companies in the Midlands.

The business model is built around a social network, using our own software. The model also features a series of events and awards, which are well attended.

Notable champions and speakers at Made in the Midlands events include, Lord Digby Jones and Lord Mike Whitby.

Visit www.madeinthemidlands.com to learn more.



Pressvine is a unique software application that helps in-house communications teams in managing their public relations more effectively. Pressvine manages a national database of more than 20,000 UK journalists. These contacts are contained within the Pressvine software application. Users are able to use the ‘triple s’ , which means “search, send and share” their news. Notable clients include political parties, UK colleges, councils and private enterprises.

Pressvine has more recently agreed a series of international partnerships, which will see additional functionality and increase its scope to sell to a wider audience.

For more information visit www.pressvinepro.com

Made in Yorkshire

Made in Yorkshire is a sister company of Made in the Midlands that aims to unify manufacturers within the Yorkshire region.

Made in Yorkshire is a privately run peer group for MD’s and CEO’s of Manufacturing and Engineering firms in Yorkshire.

The company is renowned for hosting some of the best manufacturing events in the region, which are dedicated and tailored for the companies within the sector.

Furthermore, Made in Yorkshire will help to raise your profile to the audiences that matter to you. Our most engaged members actively grow their network and create partnership opportunities, whilst expressing their public support of the manufacturing community.

By joining Made in Yorkshire, you are enhancing your reputation as a company that shares the same ethos of other members. Made in Yorkshire want to see the long term prosperity of manufacturing in the Yorkshire region and UK.


The Rubber and Plastics Research Association. Founded in 1919 in a collaboration between the UK Government and Industry, the Research Association of British Rubber Manufacturers (as we were then called), offered a range of leading edge technical and information services to companies wanting to develop novel commercial products and applications using rubber.

A move to Shawbury, Shropshire, in 1954, was followed by plastics being added to its range of activities, so becoming the now familiar Rubber And Plastics Research Association (RAPRA).

Throughout its existence, RAPRA has continued to help convert the latest polymer technologies into viable commercial products. In 2002, RAPRA was restructured, with RAPRA Limited continuing to focus its activities on behalf of its Members as directed by the original remit enshrined in its constitution.

In 2010 RAPRA relocated its offices to Telford, Shropshire. By changing to a network based support model at around the same time, RAPRA now has a far wider range of specialist capabilities at its disposal to fulfil its remit than it ever had in the past with a single facility.

We are the leading non-profit membership association which offers impartial specialist advice to its members and non-members through its network of world class technical and research centres.

Visit www.rapra.org to learn more

Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS)

The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) is a dedicated help desk and signposting service for UK manufacturers. If you are an ambitious manufacturer or engineering firm looking to improve productivity, develop capabilities, enter new markets or become leaders in your field – we can help.

For more information visit www.manufacturingadvisoryservice.com