Our Values

The businesses within the First Orchard Group work as a meritocracy rewarding achievements of all members of staff fairly.

The businesses are non-judgmental and solely focused on ethically creating a prosperous and profitable services that give as much back to society as they take.

First Orchard Group employees, customers or suppliers can expect tolerance and understanding in areas of race, religion, sexual preference, disability, mental health, and freedom to choose political ideology.

Our mission is one of positive promotion whereby people’s passions can be nurtured.

  • The person at the top of the companies within the First Orchard companies will not take a salary of more than five times the pay of the lowest paid employee.
  • The business encourages open dialogue between all employees and across different teams. Teamwork and enjoying what we do is the only sustainable way of working.
  • The group strives to develop all people in the business, through training and personal development.
  • First Orchard is committed to making annual investments into the businesses within its portfolio, in the areas of technology, training, people and marketing.
  • Businesses within the First Orchard Group give weekly feedback to each and every person in the business via our online appraisal software.
  • The businesses strive towards fair financial rewards; we are also committed to ensure all employees receive a living wage.
  • The group, its directors and senior staff set an example, and work for the benefit of the business, and its employees as a whole. The business actively discourages self-serving behavior from its senior team.
  • Companies within the First Orchard group create an open forum whereby everyone in the business can contribute ideas.


The business encourages innovation. Where possible, we will try and let the person who has put forward an innovation to implement it and give credit for their contribution.